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Jersey Girls Farm is located in Florence, Colorado.
We provide raw milk shares to Cañon City, Penrose, Fremont County, Pueblo, Salida, and Colorado Springs. Corine and Mike Foulk. Call 719-784-4024 or
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Fresh Farm Eggs


Eggs are available from our healthy, happy free range chickens. These eggs are fresh every day. Live chickens are also for sale for egg laying. We have the heritage breeds Brown Leghorn and Road Island Red which lay white and brown eggs respectively.

Please contact us for details on purchasing eggs.

Local eggs from free-range, pastured chickens

Pastured Heirloom Pork
from Local Pigs & Hogs

We have selectively bred our outstanding pastured Heritage breed pigs. We breed for good marbling in the meat. We also breed a bacon type of hog. In addition to pasture these hogs are also given extra whey and excess milk, producing  moist and naturally tasty meat. Because they are humanely raised on pasture and in the sun (as opposed to confinement raised) their fat or lard has a significant source of Vitamin D. Learn more about the benefits of pastured pork.

Heirloom pork has more marbling and better old world flavor. We have Tamworth pigs (known as a bacon pig) and Meishan Pigs. Native to China, Meishan pigs are slow-growing with a very good taste. 

Tamworth Piglets
Tamworth Piglets

Benefits of Heirloom Pork

Better Taste!

Heritage pork tastes better than conventionally raised pork. Try it and you'll be hooked. Pigs and hogs raised on natural feed in the outdoors have a much better flavor than cellophane-wrapped, mass-produced pork from feed lots.

Healthy Pork w/ Better Lard:

According to a study published in 2011 in the British Journal of Nutrition, people who ate moderate amounts of grassfed meat for as little as four weeks had healthier levels of essential fatty acids. When participants of the study who were in good health ate grassfed meat, their blood levels of "good” omega-3 fatty acids increased and their levels of "bad” omega-6 fatty acids decreased. Pork from pastured hogs is also higher in conjugated linoleic acid (a "good” fatty acid that helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides), beta carotene and vitamin E, according to a 2009 study at Clemson University.    

Humanely Raised:

Heritage or heirloom pigs are raised humanely in their natural environments, not housed in tiny cages without access to fresh air, light, or free movement (as in concentrated feed lots).

Eliminates Overuse of Antibiotics:

In conventional feed operations, antibiotics are heavily used to prevent illness and speed animal growth. This encourages the growth of superbugs that are resistant to conventional antibiotic treatment. Raising hogs in a natural enviroment without the use of preventative antibiotics is more responsible to the health of all people.

Eliminates Excessive Accumulation of Waste:

Concentrated feed lots generate huge pools of waste in a concentrated area that contaminate the air and water. Heritage pork naturally distributes waste across larger areas of ground.

Breed Diversity:

Conventional agriculture leads to monocultures of species in both plants and animals. Heritage Pork preserves various pig breeds from extinction maintaining diversity of breeds.


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