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Jersey Girls Farm is located in Florence, Colorado.
We provide raw milk shares to Cañon City, Penrose, Fremont County, Pueblo, Salida, and Colorado Springs. Corine and Mike Foulk. Call 719-784-4024 or
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Get Raw Milk Dairy Cow Shares

In order to get raw milk in Colorado, one needs to buy part ownership in a dairy cow and thus have rights to a portion of the milk. Here's how to get your raw milk shares from Jersey Girls Farm:

You purchase a share in the cow for $40. This is a one-time purchase and it is refundable if you ever need to end your share with us (less any outstanding balances owed). You pay a monthly cow boarding fee of $40. This entitles you to 52 gallons of full fat milk per year or 1 gallon per week.

You choose a day of the week to pick up your milk and then it is placed in a little pickup barn for you. You can pick up anytime that day.

To get started, call or email us to set up a time to come over and set you up for a cow share. —Mike & Corine Foulk

Benefits of Raw Milk

Raw milk (also known as non-pasteurized and non-homogenized milk) has natural enzymes and bacteria in it that aid in the digestion process, helping our bodies to absorb the calcium and other nutrients in the milk. These ingredients are destroyed in store bought milk through the high heat process of pasteurization that changes the nutritional composition of the milk.

Learn more about the benefits of raw milk.

About Our Jersey Cows

Milk CansOur cows are all full Jersey breed. Jersey cows are known for the high protein and fat content of their milk. The milk is about 1/4 cream per gallon. It is very rich, concentrated milk.

We feed our cows on our local pasture. They eat grass and hay only. (According to, recent studies show that milk from 100% grass-fed cows has superior nutritional value, with higher omega-3 essential fatty acid, and five times more cancer-fighting CLA.) Although it's not certified, our milk is essentially organic milk.

We do not use RGbH, hormones or antibiotics. We drink our milk and would not want anything in it other than what nature intended.

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